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Exhibit your passion.
Face-Off Media is a Southern California-based media agency committed to getting you noticed. Our services have assisted in creating educational and training videos for organizations and teams, providing quality spot features and media for small businesses, and producing memories that can be shared and enjoyed.
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Meet the Team

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Jace Medina

Combining his love for hockey and cameras, Jace Medina decided to create Face-Off Media in late 2020. Jace has over 8 years of Photography and Videography under his belt, always prioritizing quality over quantity. 
Along with camera experience, Jace has 4+ years of working with customers to design their graphics in numerous print shops. 
In his free time, he enjoys studying the Bible, hanging out with his family, and creating artwork. You can see his artwork at


Paige Medina

Paige Medina is Jace's wife and assists with Face-Off Media. Paige will be there working just as hard, capturing all your special moments either on video or photo. You can count on her.
During the day, Paige works as a Director of health programs in Orange County. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Health Science from Cal State Long Beach and her Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of Alabama.
Paige and Jace have a beautiful 1-year-old daughter, April.

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