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Panasonic HX-DC10 Camera Review

Panasonic HX-DC10

Before I proceed on my first blog post, I want to make it a known fact that I won't be getting into spec details, unless I really, really know what I'm talking about. If you're interested in knowing the exact specifications of these cameras I review, there will be a link where you can view all the camera details on every blog post.

Got it?

Cool. Let's get started:

The Panasonic HX-DC10. My first video camera. I can remember looking at it online and wishing I had it in my possession. I didn't know anything about cameras before then, except that if they looked cool, then they must shoot high quality.

I can't remember exactly how I acquired it (birthday, allowance, etc.), but I do remember that I specifically wanted this one because of how it looked.

I mean, it does look pretty cool.

It was a different time back then, and I can still recall the feeling of pure joy whenever I hit the record button. I felt like a true, honest, hardworking cameraman as I zoomed in and out to try and frame the perfect shot through the built-in lens. I mean, I was a pretty experienced camera operator by the time I had the Panasonic, given the fact that I had manned my first grade teachers' camcorder for the class play, as well as I'd assist with my brothers' homemade spy videos in elementary school. I was basically a Hollywood cinematographer.

But actually, all I wanted to do was to make videos. About anything. If you, reading this right now, are a content creator, cinematographer, camera operator, photographer, videographer, or just a camera-fanatic like me, then you know that feeling. The itch to just shoot something and try your best to tell some sort of story through video. It's an addiction, really. That's why I still make videos to this day.

If you're interested to see what kind of garbage I shot with this camera, here are some cringy clips:

Unfortunately, those clips don't fully show the true HD quality that the Panasonic HX-DC10 harnesses, due to the clips being compressed and upscaled.

However, I was able to find some original .mp4 files that were created straight from this good-looking camera. Take a look at it's raw potential here:

As you can see, I was terrible at using cameras. And sometimes, I think I still am. But, in my experience, if you stick with something long enough, you'll eventually become better at it.

To prove the point, if you take the time to look back at Face-Off Media's first uploaded video, and compare it to one of my most recent videos, the difference is night and me that is.

You know what they say, practice makes better.

Anyway, I'm struggling to find more things to say about this camera since it was so long ago. I'll end my first blog post here.

One more thing, if you've ever used or owned this camera, or if you still use it to this day, I'd love to hear about it! Or at least comment what your first camera was, and I'll try my best not to laugh at you. No one could have had a cooler first camera than me. It's a fact.

Maybe one day I'll track down this camera and buy one for reminiscing-purposes (if Paige lets me).

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